De Best Verzorgde Boeken Studentenjury Archief
Parallel Encyclopedia #2
Dana Lixenberg. Imperial Courts 1993-2015
Hercules Segers Painter Etcher
Japan Modern
Celluloid. Tacita Dean, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Rosa Barba, Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder
Polo Architects
Ode aan de liefde (Ode to Love)
Taking off. Henry my neighbor
The Issue — Speculating Systems
Sidewalk Salon – 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo
Désirée van Hoek. Skid Row. Los Angeles 2007-2015
The Nai Effect. Creating Architecture Culture
The Institute
De agenda van de Rijksbouwmeester
Jasper Krabbé. Portraits
No Internet, No Art – A Lunch Bytes Anthology
Van Dale Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal
Dictionary Dressings
Three Exchanges
Rijksmuseum kookboek
AB-I. Luc Coeckelberghs
the absence of sound
In need of… Graduation 2016
Olafur Eliasson Versailles
Reprint Karel Martens
De Verwarde Cavia
Rome – Malibu
Archetypes and residues
You breathe from a garden in your neck
Remi Verstraete. X
Bit Rot
Serie: Can you hear me & The Magic Circle
Delft Lectures on Architectural Design
The Time We Share
Willem de Rooij. Character is Fate: Piet Mondrian’s Horoscope
Other Evidence: Blindfold
As. Gedichten 1963-2014
Emily Jacir: A star is as far as the eye can see and near as my eye is to me
Allegory of the Cave Painting
The Athens Recorder
Het meest geloofde sprookje
ZERO: Let Us Explore the Stars
Inside Embassies
Lâmo Lâva
Hoe de dingen ons bewegen
Form no Form / The Black Series
John Cleese on Creativity
(in matter of) Karl
Opus 1. The Artist’s Beginnings
Seth Siegelaub: Beyond Conceptual Art
Robby Müller – Polaroid
Belgian Autumn. Belgische Herfst. L’Automne Belge
Serie Antennae
INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V
Vitale architectuur/Vital Architecture. Gereedschap voor levensduur/Tools for Durability
End Note(s)
Marie-José Jongerius. Edges of the Experiment, the Making of the American Landscape
Findings on Light
Issa Touma. Women We Have Not Lost Yet
Jan Schoonhoven
herman de vries. to be all ways to be
Serie Vis-à-vis: The Shape of Evidence & De volmaakte beschouwer
Statement and Counter-Statement: Notes on Experimental Jetset
Voor we met z’n allen uit elkaar vallen
Boring Collection
Walls That Teach
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Work/Travail/Arbeid
The heaviness of things and stuff
The Responsible Object: A History of Design Ideology for the Future